That’s the end of the QIIME 2 plugin development tutorial, for now. As of this writing (13 April 2024), this tutorial is still in development, and new content is planned. You can see a list of content planned for the plugin tutorial on our issue tracker here, and more general content planned for the Plugins part of Developing with QIIME 2 here.

A good next step is to create your own plugin. The easiest way to do that is to go back to the first section of the tutorial, Create your plugin from a template, and create your new plugin from the cookiecutter template. Start working on adding your methods and visualizers, and don’t forget your unit tests and usage examples! Come join the QIIME 2 Forum Developer Discussion if you need help, have feedback on this tutorial, or have more general feedback on developing QIIME 2 plugins.

Thanks for reading and for your interest in QIIME 2! Happy coding!