Provide technical support for your users

Provide technical support for your users#

You are free to have your users request help on the QIIME 2 Forum for your QIIME 2-based tools. We encourage this as it helps to centralize knowledge around the QIIME 2 ecosystem, but you are of course also free to direct users to your email, GitHub issue tracker, or another resource for technical support.

If you choose to support your users through the QIIME 2 Forum you should monitor the forum to answer questions from your users. You can search the Discourse community forum for information on configuring your notifications - there are lots of options for this.

Please be aware that the QIIME 2 Forum Moderators will not be able to provide support for your plugins, since they wonโ€™t necessarily be experts in your tools (and are already tied up providing tech support to the community). If we see questions come in related to your tools the moderators will try to reach you if you seem to have not noticed, but please do monitor for activity related to your tools.

We provide and maintain the platform for supporting users, but itโ€™s still ultimately your responsibility to provide user support.